The Tenets of Easeness

Five breezy pieces. Think of these as emergent mantras. In case of hurry, breathe and repeat.

More Easy Pieces

What If Business Weren't So Busy?

First, we can make business easier. Then we can stop making busyness altogether, and create easiness instead.

About Easeness

As we breathe out what doesn't serve us, we can pause before the next inhale to untangle our roots.

Contact Easeness

Earthlings, we come in peace to melt your minds.

Strictly Busyness and the Steady Path to Easiness

In our hearts, we know it's true, that work cannot be our purpose. But sometimes we're so busy we forget to remember.

Why Do We Chase Deadlines?

As we continue to exhale, slow down, relax, release, shed, expel, reexamine, reflect…

The Three Legs of Easeness

Three legs provide stability. Easeness sits poised upon Consent, Play, and Bliss.