Unpacking COMPACT Culture

A beautiful Unpacking COMPACT Culture

What is COMPACT Culture?

It's the System we all know and perhaps secretly endorse or despise.

Capitalism fuels the Oligopoly formed by the postwar Military-industrial-complex staffed with economic slaves and actual slaves of the Penal system resulting from unchecked Androcracy assembled into the hierarchical pyramids of personnel in Corporations that amount to headless volcanoes of commodified technology and heartless lava floes of world-destroying Totalitarianism.


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    A beautiful Plan Better through Intentional, Ritual Play

    Plan Better through Intentional, Ritual Play

    Business plans get easy peasy when we playfully grease the groove with the powers of ritual and intention woven into our DNA.

    A beautiful Humans Are Exceptional: A Business Premise

    Humans Are Exceptional: A Business Premise

    Business presumes that humans are exceptional. So, in all likelihood, during this potentially irreparable plastic bonanza, we simply didn't ask "Why?" very much. As Easeness would have us realize, rather than exceptional, humans are merely acceptable, and sacred like every other being and facet of nature. Our shoes can reflect this perspective, but few of them now do.